Peace of Mind Shouldn't Be Complicated

So We Created The Easiest Smart Cameras On The Planet

Set Up Easily. See Everything.
The Auto Rotating Smart Cam Anyone Can Use.

Full HD 1080p

Easy Setup

See Everything

Smart Alerts

Motion Tracking

Talk and Listen

    AC     Power

No Monthly $

As Seen On

Setup in Seconds
Security for a Lifetime

"Setup was so easy. I just plugged it in and pointed the camera at my phone."
-Mae S.

Never Miss A Thing

Get a 360° View with Just One Camera

Up to 5x more coverage!

Full 90° up and down rotation

355° side-to-side rotation

Full room scan using your phone

Follow movement, scan multiple areas, or monitor a single view.

All from the palm of your hand.

Amazing Audio

See and hear everything, no matter where you are.

Crystal clear audio lets you speak with loved ones through the Crorzar 360.

Not there to supervise?

Create Custom Audio Alerts

You can't be everywhere at once, but you can record sounds or warnings when certain motion is detected.

Your audio alerts can sound automatically from selected, pre-recorded, or custom audio alerts.

Stop Paying Monthly Fees!

Most camera companies charge up to $14.99/month just to access recorded video.

That means you either pay $$$ every month, or hope you see the footage live. Otherwise you might not see it at all.

Finally, you can get it for free with the Crorzar 360!

Don't Keep Track of EVERYTHING,

Let the SD card do it!

We give you a FREE SD card to securely store video so you never have to pay monthly fees to access your clips.

Need more storage? A 128gb card can store up to 3 months of 24/7 footage.

Smart Tracking Smarter Alerts

Powerful, Easy to Use Smart Features

Smart enough to know the difference between people and other movement. Easy enough for anyone to use.

Smart Alerts can ignore non-human movement, so you only get the alerts that really matter.

Catch The Invisible

As humans, we can't see in the dark, but the Crorzar 360 has high quality video, even when it's pitch black!

With the Crorzar 360, you won't be afraid of what goes bump in the night!

What You Get

Easy, Reliable Connections

Wireless and Hardwired Connections

Connect wirelessly with Wifi. Or wire your connection directly by plugging in to the LAN port.

Even connect wirelessly to the camera without Wifi when in range.  

More Bang For Your Buck

Easy Install Options

Mount on a wall or ceiling. Set it on a counter or bookshelf. Install practically anywhere you can get power.

Don't Take Our Word For It

"Super happy with this camera. Wasnt hard at all to connect to my phone and get it going. Has a bunch neat options to do like night vision, motion detector, different types of alarms. Love the microphone option so I can talk to my animals when I see them do something wrong! Hehe. Overall really happy with this and would buy again!"


"Awesome product!!! So glad I can check on my furbabys whenever I want."


"This security camera is so cool! It works exactly as should! Has WiFi ability to u can view live, 2 way audio so u can speak to others or ur pets in ur home, motion sensor and night vision! The picture quality is great! The camera is great quality!"

Krystle-Top 500 Reviewer

"I love this camera...used as a nanny cam, however works well as a monitor for our front porch too. It is angled in the window and provides a excellent picture. Being handicapped, answering the door is very hard. Shopping online for everything is handy and now I know when a package is delivered and when I really need to answer the door."

Graham T.

"I LOVE this camera. Greatest bang for your buck. Set up was pretty easy. I had some trouble but customer support got back to me within minutes of emailing them. The picture is way better than I would have thought. I just bought a second camera. Great product!"

Arek P.

"Absolutely love this camera. I use it to keep an eye on my elderly parent who's had a few fainting spells in the house. I can communicate with her through the cameras speaker and she hears me clearly. I love the night vision and motion sense features. I turn this feature on at night for that added sense of security. Super easy to set up and use even from your mobile phone!"

Mark F.

"This camera is amazing fit the price! My favorite thing is you can control the camera and move it all around with the app on your phone. That feature has came in handy in our giant play room. Over all so happy with this purchase!"

Daniel  - March 2, 2020

"Really easy setup. I had the camera ready and working in under 5 minutes."

Katerina  - March 3, 2020

"I purchased I could watch my laser from a different room. The picture quality is great! I can see everything happening in my machine. I can also hear it. The monitor moves around, so I can see everything in the room. I love that I can see everything from my phone."

Nina  - May 2020

"Unimaginable performance...easy to set up if you're anywhere familiar with most smart home" devices.
really impressive for the price.
Also manufactured in this somehow cheap miracle cam is pan, tilt and zoom. My Samsung's don't even do that.
It includes a cool feature where you can get the cam to stalk you and follow you around the room
Has the typical WiFi cam feature of sending notifications to your phone, if you so choose, telling you instances of sound or motion."

P. Clowder - December 2019

"It has great quality video and playback in the day and night. The microphone is sensitive and picks up stuff from quite a distance. It has a motion detector and I get a popup notifying me on my computer when it detects motion.
This little camera has 360 degree coverage, which is more than many other cameras that give you about 3/4 of a circle.
A very handy camera to have especially if you have young children. You can hear them and even speak to them with this.. "Hey, I told you to stay in bed didn't I?" :-)"

Diana  - April 2020

"The video quality is good. I would say the video quality is as clear and great as some expensive ones (such as Blink). I can control the camera to rotate around. This camera has a following target option and 2-way speaker as well which is really nice. Overall, i would recommend this camera if you are looking for a cheap but decent camera to have in your house."

Lee M.  - March 2020

 "I kind of made that video with only a plan to capture the camera's motion-sensing and tracking so while I fumbled through it, the camera worked great and made the video worth uploading. This has a good zoom for using around the house or small business. It even has a setting to flip the image if you decide to mount this on a ceiling or under something. I think one of the best features is the ability to control the camera from anywhere with the smart phone. Now I would really like to see who it is that allows their dog to poop in other people's yards for the owners of the house as a gift. Well, thanks to this device, I can not only take control of the camera remotely to zoom in, I can take pics and videos. Busted!"

D. Schlep. - October 2019

"I am really happy with this I can see my pets when I'm gone. I can also check on my home while away. It was easy to set up and can see well at night, too, especially for the price"

Debbie J. - December 2020

"Love this product. Excellent quality and works very well. Rotates in various positions."

Vilas B. - May 2020

 "This camera is small but has everything you'll need (for a security camera) to protect your home. Mounting hardware is included. It has motion detection, and will follow left, right, up and down. Verrry easy to set up and install. There are settings for day and night, remote access and more. "

Maria - April 2020

"Great camera, a lot better than the last one I had. I love this one, and I ordered the second one after testing this for about a week."

Tim S. - December 2020

"I have 3 Wi-Fi cameras in my house that cost me about $90-100 a piece from a well known brand, I figured I'd give a more budget friendly camera a try to see if i can double my cameras for 2/3 the cost and I'm glad I did. The night vision on this camera clearly surpassed my more expensive alternative "cloud cam" additionally the software on my phone enables me to move the cameras angle from my phone away from home. The camera itself is smaller than the average cell phone in height. Setup only takes a few minutes for peace of mind, considering buying more to watch my pets activities from when I'm at work!"

Drew A. - March 2020

If You Want To Get Technical

1080p HD

1/2.9 CMOS sensor

3.6mm professional lens

.1 lux for color

.01 lux for black and white

Supports onvif protocol

30+ foot IR distance

6 different 850nm IR LED's

Double IR cut filter with auto switch

LAN port for network connections

If you are unhappy with your purchase for ANY reason, or for no reason, simply return it within 30 days.

100% Guarantee Or Your Money Back!

Based in the USA. Ships from the USA.

Most orders ship from Crorzar's Utah warehouse within one day!

"Fast shipping. I got my camera in 2 days."

-Paul J.