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The Crorzar 360
The Easiest Smart Cam on the Planet

Set Up Easily. See Everything.
The Rotating Smart Cam Anyone Can Use.

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$99.99 Now just $59.99 + FREE shipping

30 Day Money Back Guarantee • 1 Year Warranty

Full 1080p HD
Easy Setup
Free Card Storage
Smart Alerts
Fast App Loading
No Monthly Fee
Talk & Listen
Motion Tracking

Easy to Set Up

When we say easy, we mean easy! Plug it in, tell the app to set up a new camera, and point your camera at your device. It's that simple!

FLASH SALE - Limited Supply!
Now just $59.99 + FREE shipping

"Setup was so easy. I just plugged it in and pointed the camera at my phone."

- Mae S.

"A very very good camera for the price. Easy to set up, a lot of good options.

- Stan H.

"Very easy to use!"

- Karl W.

"Easy setup, no contract, works quickly with your phone and quality pictures. Unbelieveable performance for the cost."

- Steven B.

See Everything.

One Camera. 360° View. Up to 5x more coverage!

FLASH SALE - Limited Supply!
Now just $59.99 + FREE shipping

Amazing Audio

Crystal-clear audio lets you speak with loved ones through the Crorzar 360.

You can also create custom audio alerts like the one shown here! Choose from pre-recorded sounds and warnings or record your own. When motion is detected, the audio alerts can sound automatically.

FLASH SALE - Limited Supply!
Now just $59.99 + FREE shipping

"These work so well! I use them to check on my sick husband when I'm gone and the sound is very clear. Thank you so much Crorzar!"

- Rhonda T.

"Easy to set up and great video and audio quality!"

- Connie

No More Storage Fees

Other cameras charge up to $14.99 per month just to access recorded video. With the other guys, if you don't see it live, you may not see it at all. Crorzar 360 offers this for free.

Video is securely stored on an included SD card so you never have to pay monthly fees to access your clips.

Need more storage? A 128GB card can store up to 3 months of 24/7 footage.

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Now just $59.99 + FREE shipping

Smart Tracking & Smart Alerts

Powerful, easy-to-use smart features

Smart enough to know the difference between people and other movement. Easy enough for anyone to use. Smart Alerts can ignore non-human movement, so you only get the alerts that really matter.

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Now just $59.99 + FREE shipping

Incredible Night Vision

Know what goes bump in the night!

Night vision automatically enables when it gets dark, allowing you to see up to 30 feet, even in complete darkness!

"I’ve installed a lot of cameras and the night vision on these is really, really impressive. Very clear picture and impressive range.” - Chad M., Alarm Company Owner

FLASH SALE - Limited Supply!
Now just $59.99 + FREE shipping

Easy to Install

Mount on a wall or ceiling. Set it on a counter or bookshelf. Install practically anywhere you can get power.

Connect wirelessly with wi-fi, or wire your connection directly by plugging in to the LAN port. Even connect wirelessly to the camera without wi-fi when in range!

FLASH SALE - Limited Supply!
Now just $59.99 + FREE shipping

What You Get

The Crorzar Promise: 100% Love It Guarantee!

1 Year Warranty

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your camera is fully covered from all manufacturing defects for a full year from your purchase date.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase for ANY reason, simply return it for a refund!

Ships in the USA

Based in the USA. Ships from the USA. Most orders ship from Crorzar's Utah warehouse within one day!

Buy the Crorzar 360 Now

  • 1080p HD
  • 1/2.9 CMOS sensor
  • 3.6mm professional lens
  • .1 lux for color
  • .01 lux for black and white
  • Supports onvif protocol
  • 30+ foot IR distance
  • 6 different 850nm IR LED's
  • Double IR cut filter with auto switch
  • LAN port for network connections

FLASH SALE - Limited Supply!
$99.99 Now just $59.99 + FREE shipping

"Absolutely love this camera. I use it to keep an eye on my elderly parent who's had a few fainting spells in the house. I can communicate with her through the cameras speaker and she hears me clearly. I love the night vision and motion sense features. I turn this feature on at night for that added sense of security. Super easy to set up and use even from your mobile phone!"

- Mark F.