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The World's Easiest Indoor & Outdoor Smart Cameras


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Protect Your Home Outside:
Crorzar Anywhere Cam

  • Weatherproof for use anywhere!
  • 100% wireless with rechargeable batteries included!
  • Adjustable magnetic base for easy setup and positioning

Protect Your Home Inside:
Crorzar 360 Cam

  • Pan/tilt for a 360 degree view
  • Speak through the camera with two-way audio communication
  • Smart person detection and tracking

A $169.99 value, get both cameras for just $119.99 and FREE shipping!

With other cameras, setup in a nightmare. They charge subscription fees, their apps are slow to load,
and you can't see everything.

With Crorzar, setup is a breeze, the app loads up to 20x faster than other cameras, and there are NO subscription costs!

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Easily set up your indoor & outdoor cameras with voice prompts from the cameras!

Check Out What Customers are Saying:

I've had 5 other camera systems... your cameras are by far the crispest and most responsive ones I have ever had!!!

- Bill L.

I have Canary and Ring and they are not as clear or responsive as the Crorzar.

- Jim C.

Ease of setup, price, design, sharpness... the image quality makes Crorzar the AMBASSADORS OF THE CRAFT!

- Will L.

Unbelievable performance for the cost!

- Steven B.