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Light Bulb Camera

Light Bulb Camera

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The Crorzar Lightbulb Cam is exactly what it sounds like: a long lasting LED bulb with a built in security camera! 

If you need a discrete and hidden way to see what's going on, this camera is perfect for you!

Simply screw into any regular light socket and within seconds you will have full 360° visibility from anywhere on the planet!

Incredibly clear 1080p, HD camera makes it easy to see the details. 

Remotely control the LED lights, set schedules for the lights, and more. 

Two way talk lets you hear and speak with loved ones and friends from anywhere!

Securely store your video on a local SD card that you can access from our convenient and free mobile app. SD Card Storage up to 128 GB, which can store about 10 weeks of continuous footage.

Crisp, 1080p HD video

2way audio communication

Night vision up to 30 feet

360° Fisheye lens

Free App

Easy Setup


stop paying monthly fees

No Monthly Fees required

The only major camera brand that does not require monthly fees for video storage and advanced features. Save up to $300 per year in monthly fees.

easy set up

simple two minute set up

Just point your camera at a smartphone and the Crorzar camera app automatically sets itself up.

See what's happening

Incredible Clarity

With HD 1080p+ clearly see exactly what's happening to your home, pets, and loved ones from virtually amywhere on the planet.

Interactive Audio

Two way audio

Speak with loved ones and visitors directly through your camera. See your pets light up as they hear your voice.

See clearly at night

Night Vision

Infrared night vision means you see whats happening, even in total darkness.

Keep Hackers at bay

elite encryption

Military grade 128 Bit AES Encryption helps keep hackers out.

The alerts and notifications you want

customized alerts

Create schedules for smartphone alerts, limit alerts to the detection of human movement and more.

Local Mode

No Wifi? No Problem

Connect wirelessly to your cameras when in range even if you don't have wifi.

Yes. When connected to wifi the cameras can be viewed and controlled from virtually anywhere in the world. Without wifi you can still connect directly to the cameras wirelessly when you are near the cameras.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection. Indoor cameras will detect motion up to 40 feet away, while outdoor cameras can detect motion up to 100 feet away.

It depends. Currently the cameras that plug in to power follow the Onvif protocol and can be used with some third party apps that work form your laptop or computer.

The cameras do noy include an SD card unless specifically stated. If you purchase an SD card at checkout, we will install it for you before it ships

This depends on a variety of factors, including the enviroment, the materials your home is constructed of, your router, and several other factors. Generally, if you can get a wifi signal at a specific location on your phone then the cameras will also pick up the wifi signal.

Some third party applications will work with the hardwired cameras.