Crorzar/Qolsys Guided Install Kit


Kit Includes

Qolsys IQ2+, Honeywell Version

3 Crorzar Door Contacts

1 Crorzar Motion

1 Crorzar Indoor Pan/Tilt


For the next few weeks, at no additional cost to you, we will be pre-programming cameras with Qolsys kits, and shipping directly to your customers on your behalf. The cameras will be pre-programmed directly to the panel, with no setup or wifi required by your customer!

These cameras have no monthly storage fees, or pass through costs!

Your customer will receive a Qolsys IQ2+ panel, contacts and motions, and cameras, all pre-learned into the panel for easy setup by the customer. 

You will receive the IMEI code from the panel so you can get the customer's account up. This will also give you an opportunity to schedule a guided walk through with the customer.

We have seen a lot of success with this approach, both with new customers and upgrading customers, and hope this helps you keep going strong through this pandemic. 

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